OKARA: In connection with a robbery case, Gogera Police have registered charges against two PTI ticket aspirants for the provincial assembly election.

According to the First Information Report (FIR), Naeem Ramzan Qureshi, the complainant originally from Pasroor in district Sialkot, along with others, was traveling from Faisalabad to Okara. Near the Ravi Mari Patan bridge on the Okara-Faisalabad road, 10 armed suspects in two cars allegedly began blocking and intercepting his vehicle’s path.

As they approached Thattha Tahir Ka, approximately 30km north of the city on the Okara-Faisalabad road, both cars obstructed Qureshi’s vehicle, and the riders reportedly shouted at him for overtaking Mehr Abdul Sattar’s car.

The suspects allegedly assaulted the complainant and his co-riders, snatching a gold chain and Rs376,000 from him. The identified suspects include Mehr Abdul Sattar (son of Muhammad Manzoor), Noor Nabi (son of Muhammad Siddique), Hammad Aslam (son of Muhammad Aslam), and Asim Raza (son of Muhammad Majeed), along with seven other unidentified individuals. The cars displayed election campaign flexes with the candidates’ names.

Upon the report filed by Naeem Ramzan Qureshi, Gogera Police have filed a case against 10 suspects, including Mehr Abdul Sattar, Hammad Aslam, and Noor Nabi.

It is noteworthy that Abdul Sattar, the former general secretary of Anjman-e-Mazareen Punjab, had contested the provincial assembly elections in 2018, while Noor Nabi advocate was his brother-in-law. Rai Hammad Aslam was also a candidate for the PTI.