Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has decided to postpone its much-anticipated intra-party elections scheduled for February 5.

Citing the overwhelming busyness of party workers engaged in the ongoing general elections and following the advice of key party leaders, PTI officials confirmed the postponement.

A proposal to conduct intra-party elections immediately after the conclusion of the general elections is reportedly under consideration.

The decision comes against the backdrop of a tumultuous period for PTI, with a series of legal battles surrounding its intra-party elections.

On December 2, PTI held intra-party elections, resulting in Barrister Gohar Ali Khan being elected as the party chairman unopposed.

However, PTI founding leader Akbar S Babar filed a petition against the elections, leading to a subsequent declaration by the Election Commission that deemed them null and void.

The Peshawar High Court, in a series of rulings, suspended and reinstated the Election Commission’s decision regarding the withdrawal of PTI’s electoral symbol, the ‘bat.’

After a series of legal twists and turns, the Supreme Court finally validated the Election Commission’s stance on January 14, leading to PTI losing the electoral symbol of the ‘bat.’

The party had initially announced the rescheduled intra-party elections for February 5, and the official schedule was released by PTI Federal Election Commissioner Rauf Hassan. However, the decision to postpone comes as a strategic move, with party officials in contact with the chief organizer to request the delay.

Sources within PTI said that a new schedule for intra-party elections is expected to be released on February 8, immediately following the general elections.

The delay is seen as a tactical maneuver, allowing the party to focus on the ongoing national elections without the added burden of concurrent internal party elections.


Source: Samaa News