Islamabad, January 16, 2024 In response to the intensifying social media campaign targeting Supreme Court judges, the Ministry of Interior took swift action on Tuesday, forming a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) dedicated to preventing and addressing the malicious campaign.

The JIT, comprising six members, will be led by the Additional Director of the FIA Cyber Crime Wing and will draw expertise from various intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Notably, the team includes representatives from the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Intelligence Bureau (IB), and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

The investigative committee features a grade 20 member from both IB and ISI, with additional contributions from the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Islamabad Police. A PTA representative will also play a crucial role, ensuring a comprehensive and multi-pronged approach to identify and curb those responsible for the ongoing online smear campaign against judges.

The JIT’s primary objectives include pinpointing individuals behind the malicious campaign and proposing effective measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. Operating out of the FIA headquarters, the committee will serve as the secretariat and is expected to submit a detailed report to the Ministry of Interior within a strict timeframe of 15 days.

The formation of the JIT reflects the government’s commitment to curbing cyber threats and ensuring the protection of the judiciary from unwarranted online attacks. The investigative efforts aim to uphold the dignity and integrity of the judicial system in the face of digital defamation campaigns.