Islamabad, January 17, 2024 — Recent changes in election symbols by High Courts have cast a shadow of uncertainty over the upcoming elections, raising the possibility of postponement in affected constituencies. Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikandar Sultan Raja chaired a crucial meeting to address the challenges posed by the alterations in election symbols and to deliberate on potential solutions.

Insider information suggests that, during the meeting, concerns were raised about the ongoing ballot paper printing process, which has already commenced. The Election Commission of Pakistan is facing time constraints, and the last-minute changes in election symbols present logistical challenges in completing the necessary arrangements promptly.

While the Commission had earlier announced the initiation of nationwide ballot paper printing, sources indicate that there is now a looming scenario where the Election Commission might contemplate delaying elections specifically in constituencies affected by the recent decisions of High Courts altering election symbols.

The potential postponement would allow the Election Commission to navigate the logistical complexities arising from the symbol changes and ensure a fair and well-organized electoral process. As discussions continue within the Election Commission, a final decision on whether to proceed with the scheduled elections or consider a postponement in affected constituencies is eagerly awaited. The outcome will have significant implications for the electoral timeline and the overall electoral process in the affected regions.