The Senate motion requesting a poll postponement due to severe winter weather was rejected by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). The ECP stated that all necessary preparations had been made and that moving the date was “inadvisable.”

The ECP communicated that it would not be wise to delay the general elections at this time in a letter to the Senate’s Joint Secretary (Legislation). Furthermore, the upper chamber of parliament’s resolution is not yet able to be put into effect.

In order to secure peaceful elections, caretaker governments have been instructed to “beef up security matrix and provide congenial environment to the electorate,” according to the electoral board, which disclosed that it considered the resolution during the meeting.

Furthermore, it stated that elections on February 8, 2024, would be held in accordance with the Supreme Court’s commitment. In a similar vein, it highlighted how important it is to note that prior general elections and municipal elections had taken place in the winter.

Furthermore, the ECP emphasised that general elections and local government polls have historically been held in the winter and that this scheduling has been accomplished with success.

The Senate resolution, which was filed on January 5 by Senator Dilawar Khan, cited inclement weather in hilly regions and a worsening security state as reasons to support postponing the polls.

The hardly attended house session approved the measure.

The resolution came under fire for its unexpected discussion and what some sides seemed to be supporting.

Suspicion was aroused by the absence of lawmakers from major political parties, and the resolution was passed with little turnout.

Politicians and legal circles criticised the resolution’s passing, calling it a “conspiracy against democracy” and highlighting how important it is to hold elections on schedule.

Senator Mushtaq Ahmed Khan responded by introducing a different resolution in the Senate that emphasised the importance of adhering to “constitutional requirements” for the timely conduct of the polls.