In a significant development, Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has officially recognised the Technology Movement Pakistan (TMP) as an official political party.

The party is prepared to advance novel concepts in national politics under the leadership of well-known social media activist and bitcoin enthusiast Waqar Zaka.

By sending out a formal notification, the ECP has given TMP the chance to actively take part in the upcoming electoral process.

Waqar Zaka enthusiastically declared that the party’s strategy aims to tackle Pakistan’s most significant issues, with a particular focus on promoting the Information Technology (IT) sector within the government.

The core concepts of the TMP manifesto, which has been neglected in recent years, are 13 in number and offer a comprehensive strategy for addressing enduring cultural and societal problems.

To avoid political and economic turmoil, the party highlights the need to preserve the core principles that underpinned the nation’s founding.

Waqar Zaka believes that by addressing these significant challenges, TMP could progress the nation.