Former MPA Shagufta Malik was nominated for constituency PK 73 in Peshawar.

Awami National Party has withdrawn its ticket from its candidate for General Election 2024, Shagufta Malik.

Shagufta Malik’s name is not included in the list of ANP candidates, the ticket has been withdrawn from her and given to a male candidate named Nisbatullah.

Awami National Party had nominated former MPA Shagufta Malik for PK-73 constituency of Peshawar for the general elections, after which Shagufta Malik had also started her election campaign, but now the provincial candidates’ list issued by the party and the final list of Assembly candidates does not include the name of Shagufta Malik.

On the other hand, according to Awami National Party, Shagufta Malik herself returned the ticket because she is ANP’s candidate for the women reserved seat for the National Assembly.